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Meet Leaname Thaolang

Entrepreneur, #1 Standing out Public Speaker

Leaname Thaolang is one of the leading public speakers in the nation and he is aspiring to invest in his public speaking journey for his personal growth. Leaname had an interesting journey as he started public speaking with school debates, progressing to working with students under Student in Business Association, in the workplace he also was in charge of hosting employee engagement meeting, operationa and logistics conferences.

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Entrepreneur, #2 Open Mind Academy

He also established Open Mind Academy since 2019 and has been working around the clock to get it launched. Open Mind is the leading online courses in Botswana and the first of its kind in Botswana to Adopt the Alison Model and offer professional development courses to the whole world. He is investing into the growth of Open Mind Academy to offer competitive programs and services to the African market to improve workplace productivity & efficiency.

Entrepreneur, #3 Leanlogic Operations Consulting

Leaname Thaolang has also established Leanlogic Operations which focuses on organisational efficiency and productivity development by offering implementation of process improvement tools and techniques to their clients. His main focus is to help companies adopt leaner ways of doing things and promote positive attitude towards health & safety. Leanlogic also offer services in fleet optimisation, HSSE culture building, Quality Management systems, Team building and Management Strategy Setting.


Entrepreneur, #4 Premium Apparels

He also run an online store called Premium Apparels which focused on clothing the nations with the latest fashion trends. The store have been doing well and serving their clients from all over the world. 



Giving Back - CSR, #1 - Students in Business Association

Leaname Thaolang has founded Students in Business Association in 2017. SIBA has been partnering with schools during their caree fairs to motivate their students and leading them into business space by imparting knowledge and skills needed to build small business to improve their lives.

SIBA has partnered with Mmadinare Senior, Selibe Phikwe Senior and Phatsimo Junior School and is willing to partner with more schools in Botswana and have a national impact.

SIBA is an NGO and offer free services to its partners.

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